Geocarto International (1986 - 2006)

Geocarto International, a multi-disciplinary journal of Remote Sensing and GIS, is the first English language periodical on Remote Sensing and GIS published quarterly in Asia by Geocarto International Centre Ltd. from 1986 to 2006 for international circulation. Each issue publishes well illustrated, peer-reviewed articles on a wide range of topics contributed by scientists from different countries. The large format (280 mm x 210 mm/11" x 8ΒΌ" ) of this journal provides flexibility in publication of colour or black and white illustrations in appropriate sizes to enhance clarity for interpretation.

Effective from January 1st, 2007, Geocarto International is published and distributed by Taylor and Francis in the UK. Papers for consideration should be submitted directly to Taylor & Francis at For general enquiries or to place an order, please contact Taylor & Francis Customers Services at

ISSN 1010-6049

Current Issue: December 2006

Dec 2006, Front Cover Dec 2006, Back Cover
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International Editorial Board (1986 - 2006)

Director & Publisher: K. N. Au
Journal Editors: Kamlesh Lulla and M. Duane Nellis

Remote Sensing/GIS Research & Development Section
Section Editor: Kamlesh Lulla
Stan Aronoff (Canada), James H. Everett (U.S.A.), G.M.Foody (U.K.), Kevin P. Gallo (U.S.A.), J.L.van Genderen (Netherlands), R.Gomber (Belgium), P. Coppin (Belgium), John R.Jensen (U.S.A.), Choen Kim (Korea) V.Klemas (U.S.A.), Deren Li (China), Liew Soon Chin (Singapore), A.K.Milne (Australia), Nik Nasruddin Mahmood (Malaysia), Stanely A. Morain (U.S.A.), Shunji Murai (Japan), Pan Xishe (China), Kevin P.Price (U.S.A.), R.R. Navalgund (India), Susan Ringrose (Botswana), Robert A. Ryerson (Canada), Anthony Yeh (Hong Kong)

Remote Sensing/GIS Education & Teaching Section
Section Editor: M. Duane Nellis
Paul Bauman [Remote Sensing Images Editor] (U.S.A.), Sara Bednarz (U.S.A.), David Butler (U.S.A.), Frederick Engle (U.S.A.), Charles Fitzpatrick (U.S.A.), Ray Lougeay (U.S.A.), Maria del Pilar Cereceda Troncoso (Chile), Stephen Walsh (U.S.A.), Josef Strobl (Austria)

Special Issues Published in Past Volumes

(Names of Guest Editors in Brackets)

  • Vol.1, No.3 SPOT (Denis Borel)
  • Vol.2, No.1 Remote Sensing and Biomes (Kamlesh Lulla)
  • Vol.3, No.2 Remote Sensing in Japan (Shunji Murai)
  • Vol.4, No.1 Human Directed Observation of the Earth from Space (Michael Helfert & Kamlesh Lulla)
  • Vol.5, No.1 Landsat TM Applications (Richard P. Mrocynski)
  • Vol.7, No.1 Rangeland Remote Sensing (James H. Everett)
  • Vol.8, No.4 Global Environmental Change (Jae K. Lee, J.C. Randolph & Kamlesh Lulla)
  • Vol.10, No.3 GlobeSAR and RADARSAT (Robert A. Ryerson)
  • Vol.11, No.3 Remote Sensing, GIS and GPS for Rangeland Research and Management (Douglas E. Johnson & John A. Harrington Jr.)
  • Vol.12, No.1 Geographical Applications of Satellite Remote Sensing (Daniel G. Brown & Dale A. Quattrochi)
  • Vol.12, No.4, The Early Results from the ADEOS Program (Tasuku Tanaka)
  • Vol.13, No.4, Geographical Applications of Satellite Remote Sensing (Doug Goodin & Mark Jakubauskas)
  • Vol.14, No.3, Remote Sensing in New Zealand (Steven A. Israel)
  • Vol.16, No.4, Geographical Applications of Satellite Remote Sensing (Thomas R. Allen, Charles W. Emerson; Dale A. Quattrochi)
  • Vol.19, No.2, Geographical Remote Sensing (Tim Warner, Duane Nellis; Douglas A. Stow; Kamlesh Lulla)