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Product Update - July 2014

Satellite Imagery Posters

Pearl River Delta Economic Zone (2014)


Event Update - Jul 24 2017

Hong Kong Book Fair 2014
Date: July 16-22, 2014
Venue: HK Convention & Exhibition Centre, Hall3, 3G-A31
GIC participated in the Hong Kong Book Fair.

HK Book Fair 2014

Product Update - July 2014

3D Satellite Imagery Posters

23.5" 3D Hong Kong Poster


Product Update - June 2014

Satellite Imagery Posters

Hong Kong from Space


Frankfurt from Space
To mark Frankfurt Book Fair 2014.

Product Update - March 2014

Remote Sensing with IDRISI Selva
CD Version of the book is now available.more

CD cover
Selva cd version

Event Update - Jul 30 2013

Hong Kong Book Fair 2013
Date: July 17-23, 2013
Venue: HK Convention & Exhibition Centre, Hall3, 3G-A32
GIC participated in the Hong Kong Book Fair.

HK Book Fair 2013

Product Update - Jul 2013

Study Kit - Knowing Hong Kong
This study kit provides innovative resources to enrich the study of local geography. It includes the following unique items:

  • A 3D satellite image of Hong Kong SAR generated from Landsat-7 satellite data collected in 2013
  • A tray with a base map to show the MTR trunk lines
  • Three overlay transparencies as follows:
    • A satellite photo of Hong Kong taken by Corona in 1969
    • A night-light photo of Hong Kong captured from International Space Station in 2003
    • A contour map of Hong Kong at 100 m interval.


Study kit-2 Study kit-1

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New Books
New Books
3D Posters
3D Posters
World View 2
WorldView-2 - 50cm resolution Colour Infrared
World View 1
WorldView-1 - 50cm resolution
QuickBird - 61cm resolution
GeoEye-1 - 50cm resolution
IKONOS - 1M resolution
SPOT-5 - 2.5M resolution