3D Wedding

Memorable moments are priceless. They can now be captured in True 3D effect. Just send us the digital files of your present 2D photos. We will do the 2D to 3D conversion for you using special technology.

During our promotional period, you can enjoy our 3D wedding package in a special price. Including our photographer taking photos on your wedding day and 3 framed true 3D photos afterward.

3D Weddings Showcase


1. YOUR memorable moments are captured in true 3D effect.

2. TRUE 3D pictures are more impressive and attractive than conventional 2D photos.

3. SPECIAL glasses are not required for viewing.

4. DIFFERENT sizes of 3D pictures can be produced to meet your requirements.

5. THE 3D pictures are durable because they are protected by plastic sheet.

6. THE 3D pictures are ready for framing without any additional glass plate cover.





包括:專人為您拍攝照片及由10張中選取3張製成8R [8″X10″] 立體相
推廣期內特價只需 港幣$500


裸視3D給您 清晰、逼真、矚目的全新相片體驗

有關預約及其它查詢,請致電 2546-4262 (只限香港區)