The IKONOS, launched on September 24, 1999, is the world’s first commercial satellite to collect panchromatic (black-and-white) images with .80 m resolution and multispectral (color) imagery with 3.2-meter resolution. Imagery from the panchromatic and multispectral sensors can be merged to create .80 m color imagery (pan-sharpened). From a 423-mile-high orbit, IKONOS has a revisit time of once every three days. Its positional accuracy is 9 – 15 m (CE90). The satellite retired on March 31, 2015 after a more than 15-year service life.

  1. Spatial Resolution:
    • Panchromatic: 1m
    • Multispectral: 3.2m
  2. Spectral Resolution:
    • Panchromatic:
      (520 to 900nm)
    • Multispectral:
      Band1 : 450-530 nm (blue)
      Band2: 520-610 nm (green)
      Band3 : 364-720 nm (red)
      Band4 : 770-880 nm (near infra-red)