Launched on June 19, 2014, Deimos-2 satellite is high resolution (75 cm pan-sharpened) multispectral optical satellite, fully owned and operated by Elecnor Deimos Imaging, a Spanish private company. The satellite has 4 imaging modes: Single Strip Imaging, Multi-pointing Imaging, Single Pass Stereo Imaging, and Tessellation Imaging

  1. Spatial Resolution:
    • Panchromatic: 75cm
    • Multispectral: 2.8m
  2. Spectral Resolution:
    • Panchromatic:
      (450 to 900nm)
    • Multispectral:
      Band1: 420-510 nm (blue)
      Band2: 510-580 nm (green)
      Band3: 600-720 nm (red)
      Band4: 760-890 nm (NIR)