Steps to order
Step 1.
Please send us by e-mail to a digital image of your picture (not more than 2MB in size) for evaluation, and indicate the final print size of the 3D picture you want, also the number of copies to be produced.
Step 2.
After evaluation, we will inform you of the feasibility of your project and give you a quotation.
Step 3.
If you accept our quotation, you will be provided with further information on submission of your digital image for processing, the anticipated date of completion of your project, and method of payment.
8R=8"X10" (20cmX25cm) portrait
8R=10"X8" (25cmX20cm) landscape

10R=10"X12" (25.5cmX30.5cm) portrait
10R=12"X10" (30.5cmX25.5cm) landscape

S12R=12"X18" (30.5cmX46.5cm) portrait
S12R=18"X12" (46.5cmX30.5cm) landscape
Any number of copies
Available upon request (price is dependent on the size and quantity of the order)
Your enquires are welcome
Please contact us at