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Different formats of 2D photo convert to 3D
Different formats of 3D photo convert to 3D
Satellite images
satellit images to 3D
Satellite images obtained by commercial satellites can be easily converted to 3D photos of different sizes. These photos are valuable resources for study and personal perusal, as well as useful tools for business presentation and demonstration. GIC is the sole reseller of a few high resolution satellites in Hong Kong. Through us, you can order images of anywhere in the world in vertical or oblique angle and turn them into 3D photos.
Landscape photos
Landscape photos to 3D
Landscape photos with 3D effect are stunning! They are attractive and you just can't stop looking at them. Our 3D landscape photos are usually used by teachers in teaching purposes. But we believe their applications are flexible. Especially we can produce custom-made 3D landscape photos upon your requests.
Portraits to 3D
Memorable moments are precious! We like to capture every important moment of our life in photos. However, 2D photos are flat. They are too normal for our important moments. Have you ever thought of bringing those memorable moments to live again? GIC now can turn your everyday photos into living 3D photos. All your important moments, graduation, wedding, family gathering etc., can be kept in stunning 3D photos.
Wedding photos
Wedding photos to 3D
Wedding is once-in-a-lifetime event. It is one of the most important moments in our life that we don't want to forget. We want to keep all the happiness and exciteness. Taking photos is good. Capturing video is better. But taking true 3D photos is special, and they turn your important moment into living memories. GIC offers 3D wedding photo plan, which includes taking 3D photos in customers decided time and venue, and developing 3D pictures.